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For medium enterprises and above the SAP Business Warehouse will be still required, not only for consolidation. One reason is that the purpose of S/4 HANA and Business Warehouses are simply different, but with their technology improvements such as HANA the integration can be eased – both ways, like enhancing planning or enriching reporting by the latest records and numbers. No matter what solution is in place - we present the data in a consumption-friendly and business-relevant way.

// business value

  • optimal data visualization for ideal data consumption
  • enabling collaboration & workflow
  • create a common understanding of analysed data and key figures

// our consulting service

    Implementation of:
  • dashboards
  • web & mobile reports
  • frequently generated and shared analysis’

// solutions

    // solutions

  • SAP
    • AnalyticsCloud
    • Lumira2.x, Web Intelligence
    • Analysis for Office (Excel & PowerPoint)
    • Crystal Reports
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Tableau

// our products

  • CSX Collaboration Suite (key figureannotation, chat, workflow)
  • EnterpriseGlossary (shared KPI meaning)
  • chart extensions according to IBCS® standard / SUCCESS rules

Data Modelling

Data collection, data selection & data modelling. We have more data and generate even more. Today, companies' challenge is to select the right source, the appropriate detail level and combine them to a useful outcome. Additional, the topicality and the system processing time stil plays an important role according to the business requirements. We help costumer to find the right way to achieve those goals.

// business value

  • harmonizedata from different sources
  • optimize performance and up-to-dateness
  • merge structured and unstructured data

// our consulting service

  • data modelling
  • big data integration
  • data scientific research
  • virtual data models
  • native coding with push down to database
  • high-performance coding

// solutions

  • SAP
    • BW + BW/4HANA
    • S/4HANA reporting
    • embedded analytics
    • cloud
  • AWS
  • any big data

// our products

  • automated system documentation



Planning & prediction have been the treding buzz words of the recent decade. Some business cases disappeared or have never really made it to the real every day business. And others are as relevant as they were 30 years ago. The combination of prediction, supported by mass data and indifying trends, makes planning more accurate and more prezise than ever before. With experiences from other industries and involving latest technologies, we are proud to deliver real customer value, added.

// business value

  • scenario generation
  • big data-generated businessadded value
  • accurate & rolling planning

// our consulting service

  • planning datamodel
  • version management
  • big data integration’
  • data scientific research
  • business case identificati

// solutions

  • SAP
    • BW+ BW/4HANA
    • S/4HANA BPC embedded
    • BPC 10.)
    • Integrated Planning
  • AWS

// our products

  • DM5 MasterDataManager built-in in every report
  • CSX Collaboration Suite (key figureannotation, chat, workflow)
  • EnterpriseGlossary (shared KPI meaning)
  • chart extensions acc. to IBCS® standard / SUCCESS rules


Most applications and systems are critical or at least essential. We mostly become aware of it when things don't work. We help to keep systems alive and that they perform well.

// business value

  • well-running systems
  • up-to-date software & patches
  • GDPR / GRCcompliant

// our consulting service

  • 1st,2nd, 3rdlevel support
  • application management
  • inter-connectivity
  • hosting evaluation
  • system migration

// solutions

  • SAP
    • BW + BW/4HANA
    • S/4HANA
    • HANA database
    • BusinessObjects
  • AWS

// our products

  • automatedsystem analysis
  • authorization audit check-up
  • BW/4 migration tool


Customer Value

What seperates us from the other good consulting companies?
Firstly, we believe it is the way we treat our customers. Secondly, this has its roots in the heart of each of our individuals, the way we commit ourselves to deliver a solution what satisfies the customer and accompany them on their digitalization road.


Project Delivery

Your goal is our's. We fully identify ourselves with the business' needs and what brings it forward. We are highly committed and never give up until we have found a solution that satisfies you as well.

Data Strategy

What is your road map? What data will you need or analyse in five years? With our wide experience, own test lap and participation of product ramp ups, we consider ourselves as perfect guides for your digitalization road map and assist to setup and prepare the necessary steps at an early stage.



It is all about the people! We are highly committed and driven by the goal to get it done. Our customers appreciate to collaborate with us and we love striving side-to-side their challenges. For us it is more than work - we simply enjoy what we do.

SAP BW Consultants

Data modelling is their passion: What ever needs to be extracted, loaded, transformed and calculated, they will find the best approach.

ABAP Developers

For advanced data modelling and performance challenges pure ABAB Developers are required. They know more efficient ways to enrich the data, how to process it smarter and it needs to be pushed further down to the database.

Project Managers

The PM's make sure the entire team rows in the same direction, have the necessary information from the co-workers left and right to them and are in close exchange with the customer, the end user and / or the Product Owner.

Data Scientists

Our Data Scientists love to play with data and discover new insights. Failing is simply a part of their work when they find something valuable it was worth the effort.

Business Analysts

They understand the customer needs and requirements and put themselves into the customer's shoes if needed to take the same viewpoint and are sometimes also a so called PO Proxy according to SCRUM.

SAP Basis Administrators

Maintenance and well-running systems are the goals. To achieve this they execute most of their work in the background with the least business impact as possible.

SAP PP Consultants

Those of our consultants are accountable for production planning and manufacturing business process design during implementation or supporting of SAP ERP systems such as any ECC or S/4HANA.

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We are pleased to get to know, hear about your current challenges and debate where we can collaborate to achieve your goals.

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